Who Can Teach?

The method is designed with accessibility in mind. All you need is:

  • Completion of a Boston Cross Check™ Method course with a certified BCC instructor.

  • Six months personal use of BCC.

  • Completion of the application process consisting of application form and online interview.

How do I become certified?

Initial certification comes in two easy stages, with a third stage to ensure that our teachers remain current with the latest information and support. Successful completion of the instructional stage and supervised practicum leads to certification in BCC. Completion of the two initial stages usually takes about 12 months, with the third stage consisting of annual renewal. 

Stage I: Instructional

The web-based instructional program for teacher certification includes a digital manual, readings, slide presentations, practice charts, case studies, online and offline activities, and a final written exam. This phase involves about 40 hours of self-paced work.


Topics in the instructional stage include:


  • BCC Methodology

  • BCC Methodology for Special Circumstances

  • Use of Hormonal Testing Devices

  • Marriage and Family Planning Trends

  • Infertility

  • Artificial Contraceptives

  • Instructional Methods and Conducting Follow-up

  • Program Management

  • Program Promotion

  • Introduction to Catholic teaching regarding marriage and marital sexuality (required for additional certification through the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.)*

Stage I Fees

Prospective teachers may pursue certification either as individuals or as couples.


Individual Fee for Stage I: $600

Couple Fee for Stage I: $700


Fees are due upon commencement of Stage I.

Stage II: Practicum

The practicum stage is intended to provide experience with teaching the method under the guidance of an expert, currently certified instructor. This stage includes supervised instruction and follow-up with 6 clients/couples.

Stage II Fees

As with Stage I, instructors may pursue certification either individually or as a couple.

Individual Fee for Stage II: $600
Couple Fee for Stage II: $700


Fees are due upon commencement of Stage II.

Note: Individual trainees recoup the cost of training through the fees collected from clients/couples during the Stage II Practicum. Currently, the fee paid by clients/couples for instruction and follow-up is $200.

Stage III: Renewal

The Renewal Stage provides for annual required instructor ongoing education, consults on client cases, technical support and instructor listing on the BCC website.

Stage III Fees

Individual/Couple fee: $100, due annually

*The BCC certification program and its content meet the national standards for NFP Teacher Training Programs of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. Program participants do not need to be of any particular faith background to teach the method.

Instructor training opens in Spring 2021. Register here to be notified!

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