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New book about NFP: What's so new about it?

The latest Catholic offering in body literacy for women offers an integration of cycling into the spiritual dimension of womanhood.

Full transparency here: Christina Valenzuela has been a BCC instructor since 2013 and is currently serving as secretary on the Board of BCC. So... we may be a little biased.

Who's this book for: Not just married people! And not just women!

The Language of Your Body looks at the goodness inherent in the language of the female body, expressed through the uniqueness of female biology and reproductive cycles. It is an appropriate read for all women regardless of their vocational status. There's something for every woman there, whether single, consecrated, or married. This book is also an appropriate read for men who want a respectful and insightful take on the spiritual dimensions of the physical experiences of the women in their lives. It poses an interesting read for pastors, priest and theologians interested in the application of a Christian anthropology, or Theology of the Body, to the biology of women in a broader sense than it tends to be applied. We have seen Theology of the Body applied to marriage and sex, birth, and dying, but this is the first in-depth treatment of this approach to women's menstrual cycles that we've encountered. Christina Valenzuela poses an invitation to change our cultural conception of cycles, and does so without shying away from the reality that some experiences can be messy, difficult, or painful. Like so many other areas, our experiences may not perfectly reflect the ideal, but this book illustrates a transcendent underlying goodness worth contemplating.

What is this book not for: instruction in NFP

While this book is related to NFP, If you are looking for a how-to guide to NFP, this is not it. It doesn't get into the nitty-gritty of applying fertility charting to family planning. If you'd like to learn a method, the best and most-proven way is to get an instructor to guide you through it!

Where can you get it?

You can purchase the book on Amazon here. Or from the Our Sunday Visitor website here.

Happy Reading!

If you get this book, feel free to comment here and let us know your impressions!

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